Joni steam jacket kettles 

Joni Multimix steam jacket kettle

(Most popular model)

Considered by many to be the world bench mark for steam jacket kettles, Joni from Denmark prides itself on designing and building the best in class kettles with stable reliable performance second to none.   

Key features:

  • Integrated stirrer with 6 stirring patterns
  • Stepless stirring speed 
  • PowerMix
  • Digital control and display of inner kettle temperature
  • Water level automatic
  • Electronic tilt with Tiltback. 
  • Electronic water flow meter
  • Adjustable control box
  • Inspection hatch
  • Unheated top
  • 40 0mm tilting height
  • 40 - 500 liter nominal volume options

Please contact us on 0800 846846 or by using the form below to discuss your needs.  

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