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ACF retarder prover


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ACF F Series retarder provers

The modular compartments of the “F” series provide perfect micro-climatic conditions for the natural rising of all your baking products (bread, pastry, pizza and many others), conditions that can be reproduced automatically and cyclically.

Each panel edge features connectors and lockhooks.

The special shape of the connectors, together with the progressive tension generated during locking of the dual-action hooks, ensures that the various elements fit together perfectly, thus preventing even minimal thermal dispersion.

Main technical features

  • External finishes: SILVER
  • Internal finishes: INOX AISI 304
  • Isothermal structure: Modular
  • Insulation thickness: 7 cm
  • Type of floor: Reinforced for trolley
  • Floor depth: 5 cm
  • Control electronics: FERMENTUM FPA model
  • Air condensation: Tropicalized
  • Steam generator: Cyclic shot
  • Relative humidity: 60% - 95%
  • Range temperature: -10°C +45°C


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