fermentolevain - Fermentation / Levain Tank. France.

Fermentolevain® products from the BERTRAND-PUMA range are designed specifically for use in baking and pastry-making.

Taste first!
Fine gourmets or not, consumers will always love tasty bread. The hand-crafted flavour of a leaven product is popular as the crunchiness of the crust, irregular air cell structures in the dough and its cream colour give it a more rustic feel, reminiscent of old-style bread.

The loaves obtained are consistent, rich, with a slightly lactic taste that can be altered with more sour flavours by adjusting the « Chef », the temperature and the proofing time.

Better bread storage:

Leaven bread can be stored and preserved longer than common bread, thanks to the acidity released by the bacterias, which slows down the staling. This kind of bread also has a thicker crust that acts like a protective cover. It helps to keep the humidity in the bread, and limits the drying of the crumb.

Unique and widely known for their characteristic flavor, leaven breads have a brighter and more golden color after baking.

Easier mechanisation and working of dough

Using natural leaven shortens fermentation and kneading time. As the glutinous tissue is much more structured, mechanical operations are easier : the dough is  more supple, which facilitates lamination and moulding, cutting is sharper and the dough is less sticky.


  • Consistency of quality and taste

  • Rapid development of leaven

  • Perfect, controlled hygiene

  • Simple use and mixing

  • A 100% organic process

  • An economical and profitable product

  • The “Chef” leaven can be made directly into the tank

With the Fermentolevain, I can control the taste of my bread, save money while making all the difference !


The Fermentolevain® range guarantees that your natural leaven capacity matches your production.

All our Fermentolevain® models allow you to keep your basis leaven for several days and produce refreshed leaven in the strictest hygiene conditions.  It is now possible to make the leaven « Chef » in Fermentolevain®.

All of them, even with the smallest tank capacity have a heating cord and cooling coil designed to promote maturing and storage of natural leaven.

You can modulate storage length to adapt to your leaven production and work hours.

The ferments are redeveloped at each refreshed leaven, as a result of the unique mixing and the control of the temperature. It is possible to preserve the leaven for 3 days without a refreshed leaven.


Controlling the development of leaven means controlling the savour and taste of your products.

By adjusting temperatures, you can easily vary the ratio between acetic acid and lactic acid, thus playing with savours and finding what most suits your customers.


Already a priority when Fermentolevain® was first developed in 1994, the notions of cleanability and hygiene have been modernized.

The materials used comply with all food-making requirements: the paddles and scraper in the tank are, for example, removable without tools and easy to clean. They can be washed in a dishwasher. Fermentolevain® offers an automatic washing cycle (2 cycles: economic and full) that allows a quick and easy clean up. A hand spray effortlessly reaches every corner of the tank and the tools (not available on the FL 30 models).

There is an opening to add ingredients directly into the tank or through the tiltable sieve. A plexiglas screen allows visual control without jeopardising hygiene. Fermentolevain® becomes more ergonomic with its unique racking valve, anti-drip and without sediments.

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