mono Epsilon Depositor

Mono Equipment’s innovative Epsilon Tabletop Confectionery Depositor is one of the smallest tabletop confectionery depositor available – requiring just 950mm width of space in which to operate.

The Epsilon’s unique travelling hopper system removes the need for a conveyor belt which means trays can be loaded and unloaded in the most ergonomically efficient way – directly from the front of the machine.

Equipped with up and down as well as backward and forward movements the Epsilon Tabletop Confectionery depositor is designed to produce an endless array of high quality products and will process a wide range of products including Sponge Sheets, Swiss Roll, Angel Cake, Genoese, Chocolate Brownies, Carrot Cake, Drops, Eclairs, Cup Cakes, Fairy Cakes, Muffins, Macarons, Choux Buns and Biscuits.

Fits through a standard door way

  • Less than 1 square metre of space needed to operate
  • Single phase 'Plug-&-Play' means immediate     productivity
  • Innovative travelling hopper system reduces space required
  • Quick and simple product, hopper and template changeover
  • Provides total control of product weight, size, height, length and shape
  • Extensive range of hoppers, templates, nozzles and accessories available
  • Incorporates 14 international languages
  • Large hopper capacity for improved productivity
  • Two sizes available to fit up to 400 and 450mm wide trays
  • Suitable for soft doughs
  • Quick and easy one person set up and operation
  • Produces up to 16 deposits per cycle
  • Stores up to 96 programmes for quick product recall
  • Ergonomic front-loading system reduces operator strain and improves efficiency
  • Hygienic stainless steel construction ensures cleaning is quick and easy
  • Pour-through hopper for quick and easy filing 
  • User-friendly TFT Touch Screen Controller


Mono Epsilon Depositor

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