Diving arm mixer. for perfect artisan breads! 

italmixer.  Italy.

Italmixer iTwin60 Diving arm mixer.

Steel structure painted using non-toxic paints with food-grade certification.

Made of outstandingly thick stainless steel with a reinforcement at the base. Available in three versions 40, 50 and 60 kg.

The arms are made of 20 mm thick stainless steel, and mounted on self-lubricated ball bearings. The left arm is fitted with a “loop back” to capture the dough, while the right arm is designed to extend the dough. Beats/minute: 40 at speed 1, 60 at speed 2.

Dough capacity (min/max)* kg 5/61

Flour capacity (min/max)* kg 3/38

Water capacity (min/max)* lt 2/23

Bowl volume lt 92

Water / flour (min) % 50

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